Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some pictures while you enjoy all the food and remember what you are thankful for! :)

I have something for you to be thankful for! I was almost murdered by my mother for making her wait to see Elaine in a tutu so just be thankful I've lived to show you these at all!

We bought the onesies here. They are very true to the online colors which is great since a friend made the tutu for Elaine based on the online colors. They arrived like 2 days after she shipped them, plenty of time to get them here before their birthday. We went by weight and purchased the 6 month size and they fit just perfect. Roomie on both babies and will definitely fit by their birthday. And they are just so adorable! I once more got the bow from my friend. Her page's display picture is the same exact bow.

The front.
The back.
Elaine's tutu!
I had these edited and it dulled the color.
Still cute though!

Her bow says "I'm the little sister".

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